Google Analytics

You can connect Moaform survey to Google Analytics to analyze the data of visitors such as access paths. Google Analytics integration is PRO feature.

Only GA4 is supported, UA is not supported.
  1. To connect to Google Analytics, go to the 'Integration' page of the survey you want to connect and find Google Analytics, then press the 'Connect' button.
  2. Enter the Google Analytics measurement ID (G-ID) on the Google Analytics integration page.
  3. You can find the measurement ID by logging into Analytics and clicking on the data stream in the management > data stream, the measurement ID will be on the top right. Copy this ID and paste it into the Moaform Google Analytics measurement ID box. (Note:
  4. Click the 'Connect' button to connect.
Moaform cannot determine whether the Google Analytics measurement ID is valid, so be sure to check directly in Google Analytics after connecting to see if the connection was successful. If the connection does not seem to be successful, check again to see if the GA4 measurement ID was entered correctly.