You can integrate Moaform forms with Slack to receive notifications and selected response data in  designated channels whenever a new response is collected. The Slack integration is a free feature.

If a large number of responses are collected in a short period, there may be instances where notifications do not get received properly. While Moaform sends all notifications and data with each new response collected, due to Slack's policy, notifications received more than once per second may not display correctly in Slack. Please be aware of this in advance.

Integration Method:

  1. To integrate Slack, go to the 'Integration' page of the form you wish to connect and click the 'Connect' button for Slack.
  2. Connect your Slack account and workspace on the Slack integration page.
  3. Connect the channels where you wish to receive notifications. Up to 5 channels can be connected.
  4. Choose which information from the form you wish to receive. If not selected, the form title and a link to the results page (linked to the form title) will be sent. (Up to 10 selections are possible.)


By default, only public channels can be connected when linking channels. To connect a private channel, the Moaform app must first be added to that private channel. Follow the steps below:

  1. In the integration page of Moaform, click 'Connect' on the right side of Slack, and then press 'Connect to Slack' at step 1 to connect to your Slack account.
  2. Select the private channel you wish to integrate with Moaform in Slack. Then, type "/invite" in the chat window.
  3. Upon entering "/invite", a menu will appear. From this menu, choose 'Add apps to this channel'.
  4. Search for 'Moaform' in the app list and click the 'Add' button next to it.

After refreshing the Moaform Slack integration page, opening the step 2 Channel selection box allows you to choose a private channel.



  • In Slack notifications, clicking on the form title will take you to the Moaform results page for that survey.
  • When receiving data in Slack, the content of the question is displayed up to 50 characters, and the content of the answer up to 1,000 characters. If the content of the question or answer exceeds the character limit, an '...' will appear. In this case, please visit the results page to view the full content. (Note that the URL length of any images in the answers is also included in this character limit.)
  • Images or videos embedded in questions or choices are not displayed. (However, images inserted in choices for Media choice questions are viewable.)
  • Responses for unanswered questions are not sent.
  • To change accounts or workspaces, you must disconnect the currently connected workspace and then reconnect.
  • When connecting an account or workspace, it will connect to the Slack account currently logged into your browser. If you wish to connect a different account, log out of Slack in your browser, log in with the account you wish to connect, and then proceed with the integration on Moaform.
  • If all channels connected from Moaform are deleted in Slack, it will be considered an error situation, and the integration will be halted. Reconnect a valid channel in the settings and then turn the integration back on.
  • If set to receive encrypted data, it will be decrypted and sent.
  • When viewing attachments collected from 'File Upload' questions in Slack, only Moaform users who have the authority to view the file (owners or collaborators of the form who are also PRO users) can download it.