Exit control

After the respondent submit their answers, they are directed to the Thank you page. You have the option to choose how to handle respondents who reach this page.

  • Moaform default: Clicking the 'Leave' button on the Thank you page will direct the respondent to the Moaform promotion page.
  • Custom settings: You can specify the webpage to which the respondent will be directed when they click the 'Leave' button. This could be your homepage, an event page, a shopping mall page, or any other webpage of your choice.
  • Repeat answer (Kiosk mode): Clicking the 'Leave' button on the Thankyou page will take the respondent back to the first page of the survey, or after the 'Auto restart delay time', the survey will automatically move to the first page. This feature is especially useful when collecting answers iteratively from a large number of people, such as on a kiosk or tablet.
  • Not in use: You can choose to hide the button on the Thankyou page if you don't have specific page intended to move the respondent, or if you do not want to receive repeated replies. In such cases, you can write an appropriate salutation on the Thankyou page, which will be recognized as the last page.