Download primary activity log

Click the Download icon at the top right of the Primary activity log page to download the log data.

File download process

  1. If you click the Download icon on the top right of the Primary activity log page, the download setting page will appear.
  2. After selecting the option to download, click the ‘Create file’ button to move to the ‘Download File’ tab and display the file being created. Up to 4 files can be generated at the same time, and created files are only kept for 14 days, after which they are automatically deleted. To generate more than 4 files at the same time, wait until the files being generated are complete and try again.
  3. The file may take a long time to create depending on its size. In this case, close the download window and come back later. If you turn on the ‘Email notification upon completion’ option, a notification email will be sent to your Moaform account email when creation is complete.
  4. When the file creation is complete, click the ‘Download’ button to download the file.

File creation settings

  • Files are currently generated based on the date range and category set in the Primary activity log screen.
  • They can be created in both Excel and CSV formats.