View primary activity log

The Primary activity log refers to a curated activity log associated with security and data, allowing you to view major activities of both you and your collaborators.

The following activities are recorded:

  • Access-related Records
    • Registration, login, and logout activities are logged.
    • Only manually executed logouts are recorded. Automatic logouts, either due to closing the browser or reaching an inactivity timeout, are not logged.
  • Form-related Records
    • Activities like creating, copying, forcefully terminating, deleting, restarting, starting to collect response, and applying changes to a form are recorded.
    • Automatic terminations, either because a form reaches its scheduled end time or because it meets the respondent limit, aren't logged. Only forced terminations are.
    • For starting to collect response and applying changes, you can view a snapshot of the questionnaire at that moment.
  • Integration Records
    • The initiation, termination, and modifications of form integration feature are logged.
  • Result Data Records
    • Viewing, downloading, and deleting result data are recorded.
    • Actions taken by collaborators, such as viewing or downloading, are also logged.
  • Collaborator Management Records
    • Adding, removing, or changing options for collaborators are recorded.
    • Only the owner's Primary activity log records these actions. If form ownership is transferred, it's no longer logged.
  • Settings
    • Changes like email modification, authentication step settings, IP restrictions, inactivity logout settings, and auto-renewal are recorded.


For PRO users, the Primary activity log can display records for the past 5 years. For BASIC and PLUS users, only the records from the most recent week are available.

When browsing the Main Activity Log, you can search by date for up to 180 days at a time. If you need records that span more than 180 days, you'll need to search in 180-day increments.

By clicking on the download icon located at the top right of the screen, you can download the log data displayed on the current screen in both Excel and CSV formats.