Security and Logging

Moaform prioritizes the security of user data. To this end, Moaform's API and Webhook services implement strict security measures.


API Key Authentication

Moaform's API uses API key-based authentication. Users can generate and manage their API keys to securely control access to the API. Every API request requires a valid API key to prevent unauthorized access.

The API key is shown to the user only once at the time of creation. Afterward, the API key cannot be viewed again anywhere, so the user must write it down and keep it in a safe place at the time of creation.

The user must carefully manage the API key to prevent it from being exposed externally. If it is determined that the API key has been exposed, Moaform may delete the API key without prior notice. 


Data Access Restriction

When using the API, you can view lists of forms and form information for both your own forms and those of collaborators. However, fetching response data is limited to forms you own.

Similarly, webhooks can only receive data for events related to forms you own.

This is an important measure to prevent unauthorized access to user data.


Log Recording

Moaform records all data communication through API and Webhooks in logs. This functionality is crucial for users to track and audit their data usage. Log records enable users to monitor data access and usage patterns and take necessary security measures. Logs can be viewed in the Moaform interface by navigating to the 'Major Log' page, accessible from the top-right menu.


These security measures and log recordings enhance the reliability of Moaform's services, allowing users to use the service with confidence. Moaform is committed to continuously strengthening security and protecting user data.