Overview and Precautions

To use the Moaform API, you must have a Moaform account.

After logging in with your Moaform account, you can generate an API key by going to the top-right Menu > API. This key is used to access the API.

Using the Moaform API, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Fetching a List of All Forms in My Account
  • Fetching Detailed Information for a Specific Form
  • Fetching Response Data for a Specific Form
  • Deleting Specific Response Data from a Specific Form
  • Downloading a Specific Attachment Uploaded by a Respondent to a Specific Form
  • Creating a Webhook for a Specific Form
  • Fetching Webhook Information for a Specific Form
  • Modifying Settings for a Specific Webhook of a Specific Form
  • Deleting a Specific Webhook from a Specific Form

The API operates normally only during the use of PRO services. Although API keys can be generated by non-PRO users, they will not function.


  • The API can only be requested up to twice per second.
  • Do not share your API key with others.
  • The API can only fetch response data from forms you own.
  • When fetching response data via the API, encrypted responses will be decrypted and sent.
  • If response data is deleted via the API, it is permanently and irrecoverably removed from Moaform servers.
  • When fetching response data via the API, it is always retrieved based on the latest version of the form. If the content of the form has been modified, the data fetched via the API will reflect the modified form content.
  • Deleting webhooks via the API will permanently and irrecoverably remove them.