API Key Creation and Management

After logging into Moaform, navigate to the top right menu > API page, and you will see the following screen.

영어_api_api key 만들기 및 관리_1.png


Pressing the 'Create a new API key' button will bring up a window to enter the key name. The key name is for reference to distinguish API keys, so it's not mandatory to enter it. If left blank, the name will be set to 'API key'.

Pressing the 'Create' button will generate a new API key.

영어_api_api key 만들기 및 관리_2.png


You can create up to 10 API keys, and from the menu to the right of each API key, you can change the name of the API key or delete it. (The API key name can be changed at any time.)

Entering the 'Usage' tab on the API page allows you to view the monthly request counts for the past year.

  • Ensure to write down or save the generated API key in a safe place. For security reasons, once you close this window, the API key cannot be accessed or found again.
  • Do not share your API key with others, or expose it in browser or client-side code. If your API key is deemed to have been shared or exposed, Moaform may delete the API key without your prior consent.
  • Deleting an API key will deny all requests made with it, and it cannot be recovered.