Fetching Form List

This retrieves a list of all forms (including collaborative forms) belonging to the Moaform account that issued the API Key, in JSON format.

[GET] https://api.moaform.com/v1/forms



Query Parameters

Key Type Description
search string Search for forms by title
page integer The page of the list to fetch. The default is 1
page_size integer The number of items to fetch per page. The default is 25, the maximum is 1000
sort_by string The field by which to sort the list. The default is created_at (one of created_at, last_updated_at)
order_by string The order in which to sort. The default is asc (either ascending order asc or descending order desc)



Key Type Description
total_items integer Total number of items in the form list
page_count integer Number of pages
items [object]  
↳ id string Unique ID of the form
↳ title string Title of the form
↳ status string Status of the form (one of editing, pending, collecting, closed)
↳ collection object  
     ↳ responses_count integer Number of collected responses
     ↳ start_at string Start time for collecting responses. Null if not started
     ↳ end_at string End time for collecting responses. Null if not ended
groups [string] Group title
links [object]  
↳ self string API endpoint link
↳ report_url string Link to view results
↳ answer_url string Link to responses
owned boolean Ownership status of the form
last_responsed_at string Last response timestamp
created_at string Form creation timestamp
last_updated_at string Last form modification timestamp