Webhook Management

You can activate or deactivate each webhook at any time by pressing the switch on the left side, and manage the webhook using the menu on the right.



You can change all the values set when creating the webhook.


Test and Resend

You can send test data to the webhook's endpoint and view and resend the list of data sent to this endpoint so far.

Sending a test transmits randomly generated data, based on the form's questions, to the endpoint. This test transmission is possible even if the form is not currently collecting responses or if you are not a PRO user. You can freely send test data to plan how to utilize the webhook in advance.

Sent webhooks are recorded on the test and resend page, where you can resend the data of each transmission by pressing the 'Resend' button on the right of each item. If you change the settings after the first transmission of data through the webhook and then resend that transmission, it will be resent according to the changed settings. For example, if the endpoint was moaform.com/aaa at the time of the first transmission, and you later change the endpoint to moaform.com/bbb and then resend the original transmission, this data will be resent to moaform.com/bbb.

However, the 'Webhook Resend Duration' applies as set at the time of the initial transmission. For example, if the 'Webhook Resend Duration' was set to 3 days at the time of transmission, you cannot resend it after 3 days, even if you later change the 'Webhook Resend Duration' to 7 days. In other words, 'Resend' always adheres to the 'Webhook Resend Duration' that was set at the moment the data was transmitted.

Resending the data does not stack in the transmission record list as a new record but updates the transmission timestamp.



Deleting a webhook stops any further data transmissions to that endpoint, and a deleted webhook cannot be recovered.