Google Sheets

You can integrate your Moaform forms with Google Sheets to automatically send newly collected response data to a designated Google Sheet whenever a new response is received. Integration with Google Sheets is a PRO feature.

According to Google API policies, users can typically make up to 60 write and read requests per minute. Each response sent to Google Sheets generally counts as one write request, but in special circumstances (such as when form content is modified), it may count as two requests. Exceeding this limit per minute can result in Google Sheets not receiving data correctly or delays in data reception. This quota is set by Google for each individual user, so if you need a higher quota, you must manually increase it in the Google Cloud Console.


Encryped data is decrypted and sent.

Integration steps:

  1. Find Google Sheets on the ‘Integration’ page of the form you want to link and click the ‘Integrate’ button.
  2. Connect your Google account on the Google Sheets integration page.
  3. Connect the sheet where you want to receive data. You can either create a new sheet and connect it or enter the URL of an existing sheet to connect to it. If connecting to an existing sheet, a new tab will be created in that sheet to receive the data.
  4. Choose the format for the response data of the multiple-choice questions you want to receive. If you select ‘Summary, text format’, the response data for multiple-choice questions will be sent as the text exactly as entered when creating the form. If you select ‘Summary, number format’, the response data for multiple-choice questions will be sent in numerical order according to the options. For example, if a multiple-choice question was created with the options ‘Apple, Pear, Strawberry, Other’ in that order, and the respondent selected ‘Strawberry’, the data will appear as ‘Strawberry’ in ‘Summary, text format’ and as ‘3’ in ‘Summary, number format’.
  5. If there are already collected data in this form at the time of integration, you can send these data to the specified sheet as well. However, only the most recent 1,000 collected responses can be sent. For example, if a form with 1,500 responses is integrated with Google Sheets and you choose to send previously collected data, only the most recent 1,000 responses will be sent to the designated sheet, and then any new responses collected thereafter. The oldest 500 data will not be transmitted. If you need more than 1,000 existing responses, download them from the top right ‘Download’ on the Moaform results page in Excel or CSV format.

Additional notes:

  • Responses are generally sent in the order they are collected, but the order cannot be guaranteed if many responses are collected in a short period, and duplicate responses may also be sent. Refer to the response collection time and response ID in the transmitted response data for sorting and use. (If there are duplicate response IDs, it means they are the same response.)
  • When using the "Send including already collected data" option, up to 1,000 existing data entries will be transmitted. If new responses are collected during this transmission, they may be placed among the existing 1,000 data entries.
  • If your Moaform plan drops below the PRO service during response transmission, data will no longer be sent to Google Sheets. Transmission will resume once you upgrade back to PRO service.
  • Files collected through the ‘File Upload’ question cannot be directly downloaded from Google Sheets. Download them individually from the respondent's answer results page on the Moaform results page or download them in bulk from the ‘Download’ at the top left of the Moaform results page.
  • If questions are added to the form after integration, a new column will be created at the end of the integrated sheet, and the response data for the added questions will be sent there.
  • After integration, if you move columns in the sheet, responses will be sent according to the new column positions during data collection.