Multiple Responses

This configures how many times a respondent can respond to the survey.

  • Allow: You can respond multiple times.
  • Limit to cookies: You can limit to cookies to allow responding only once within the same browser on the same device.
  • Limit to cookies and IP: You can limit to cookies to allow responding only once within the same browser on the same device or same IP. Take caution since only one person can answer in environment such as cafes and offices where IP is shared.
  • Limit to response code and URL: You can issue and distribute response code and URL that can only be used once. Details regarding response code and URL will be explained in detail below.

You can configure multiple response limit to ‘Limit to response code and URL’ and start collecting responses to issue and manage response code and URL.

  • You can issue up to 999 response codes and URLs at once and maintain up to 30,000.
  • You can delete response codes and URLs and you can't respond with deleted response codes and URLs. Response data collected by deleted response codes or URLs won't be deleted.
  • Response code and URL are paired together and the response code is paired with latter portion of URL. Paired response code and ULR are considered as same response, so you can only utilize one of the paired response code or URL.
  • Respondent must use basic URL given at the beginning of response collection to enter the response code to start responding. You can't respond twice with same response code.
  • You can start responding by pasting URL to the address bar. You can't respond twice with same URL.
  • Response code and URL must be distributed directly to the respondents by the author.

You can check response completion status under 'Response status' in the result page when you use response code and URL. Also, you can identify which response code each respondent used when you download the results in Excel file.