Save and continue answering

You can set whether or not to allow to save answers mid-way and continue answering later.

  • Allowed: Answers can be saved mid-way and can continue answering later. Answers saved and not submitted will be deleted after six months.
  • Restricted: Answers cannot be saved mid-way, and it must be answered completely during the same session.

In case Continue Answering feature is allowed,

  • Respondents will be provided Continue Answering URL when answering the survey.
  • Respondents can resume their answers and continue answering from the last saved point.
  • Once respondents lost the URL, it cannot be retrieved, so the respondents should write it down well or send an email to themselves as instructed.
  • Respondents may save their answers by moving either to the previous or next page or by clicking on the ‘Save Answer’ at menu on the bottom of the page.