Show Results

This configures results to be shown to others beside the author.

  • Show always: This allows external parties to check results while the survey is in progress.
  • Show when closed: This allows external parties to check results after the survey ends.
  • Private: Only the author can check the results.

You can designate the range of results shown when show results settings is at 'Show always' or 'Show when closed'.

  • Show results by question only: This only shows results by questions which expresses statistics of results.
  • Show results by respondent only: This only shows results by respondent which is individual response data.
  • Show both: This reveals both results by question and by respondent

You can decide whether 'Result' button is displayed or not in the Thank you page.

  • When 'Result' button is shown in the Thank you page, respondents will see 'Result' button after completing the survey and will move to results page when they press the button. Results are revealed as configured in the scope above in the view results page.

If you decide not to display 'Result' button, only the people who know the results page URL can move to results page. If you want to share the results with specific people, don't display 'Result' button and let them know the results page URL.