Embed to Your Web Page

You can insert the Moaform survey into your website.

In the "Embed to your web page" tab of the "Collect" setting page of the survey, select the pop-up method and button format, and paste the html code provided into the website. The button or text link will be displayed at that location. Respondents can immediately answer by clicking that button or text link.


Press the button below and see how it works.

Test it!

You can change the "Answer" text in the html code provided to something else, and you can also change the button shape, size, color, etc. by directly specifying CSS style.

The code for directly inserting the survey into the web page is not yet officially provided. If you have a developer or development team, you can directly insert the survey using iframe. You can insert it as follows using iframe.

Note that the above survey is embedded within the page with the following code. Try it out. (The survey URL part is displayed in bold, so please insert your own survey URL.)

 <iframe src="https://moaform.com/q/xxxxxx" width="100%" height="850"></iframe>


When embedding the Moaform survey into a website, the "Restrict to cookies" and "Restrict to IP and Cookies" settings of the "Multiple responses" setting may not work properly to restrict multiple responses depending on the respondent.

Although multiple responses cannot be prevented, responses are collected and stored well.