Selecting prizes and winners

You can select prizes and winners from the “Reward” page of each form. After you select the prize you want, you can select the winners to receive the prize. There are two ways to select winners.

  1. If you have a question asking for respondent’s mobile phone number in the form, you can send it to the mobile phone number the respondent wrote down as an answer.
  2. You can directly enter mobile phone numbers and send the prizes.

Whichever method you choose, the mobile phone numbers must match the Korean mobile phone number format.

If you have a question asking for the respondent's mobile phone number in the form, you can collect the answer first, then select the ‘There is a question asking mobile number in this form.’ option on the winner selection screen and proceed as follows..

  1. Select a question asking mobile phone number
  2. Check the answers of the respondents and select the winners by clicking the checkbox to the left of the list of respondents. (Respondents with incorrect phone number formats cannot be selected.)
  3. Click ‘Add to shopping cart’

When selecting a winner, you can add randomly by clicking the down arrow next to the check box at the top left of the list of respondents. Random add is a feature that allows you to select as many randomly as you want among the respondents with the correct phone format.

You can also sort the list marked or unmarked responders first by clicking the sorting icon at the top right of the list of respondents.

You also can send a coupon by selecting the ‘Direct mobile number input’ option and enter winners’ mobile phone numbers directly. Enter the mobile phone numbers one per line in the number input box and click 'Add to shopping cart' below.