Check Browser Compatibility

You may see a message that you can't respond through IE 7, 8, or 9 even when you are using IE 10 and above or a message that you can't use form builder and management functions of Moaform below IE 10 even when you are using IE 11. In this case, please follow the procedure below as the IE browser compatibility setting may have changed.



  1. Open the Internet Explorer and press 'F12' on the upper section of the keyboard. A separate screen will open up at the bottom of the screen when you press the key.
  2. Open the 'Emulation' tab at the top of the window and then check what the values are at two indicated locations.
  3. If any of the two values have been configured below the current IE version, change both values to the most upper version.


After completing the procedure above, enter the form address in the address window and try responding again.

If the issue isn't resolved, please contact Moaform customer support.