Download Data

Click the ‘Download’ button at the top left of the Result page to download the result data and attachments collected through the ‘File Upload’ question in bulk.

File download process

  1. If you click the ‘Download’ button on the top left of the Result page, the download setting page will appear.
  2. After selecting the target and option to download, click the ‘Create file’ button to move to the ‘Download File’ tab and display the file being created. Up to 4 files can be generated at the same time, and created files are only kept for 14 days, after which they are automatically deleted. To generate more than 4 files at the same time, wait until the files being generated are complete and try again.
  3. The file may take a long time to create depending on its size. In this case, close the download window and come back later. If you turn on the ‘Email notification upon completion’ option, a notification email will be sent to your Moaform account email when creation is complete.
  4. When the file creation is complete, click the ‘Download’ button to download the file.

File creation settings

  • Apply filtered data: If you have filtered data by applying filters on the Result page, turn on this setting to download only the data or files with the filter applied. If this setting is turned off, all data or files will be downloaded regardless of whether filters are applied or not.
  • Show encrypted data: If there is data stored using the "Answer data encryption" option, turning on this setting will display the decrypted data in the downloaded file.
  • Responses by Respondent (All data): You can download the response data of all respondents to each question as a table. If the sub-option ‘Choice data display’ option is set to ‘Expanded type’, the answer data for all multiple choice questions and ranking questions will be displayed in individual cells. If set to ‘Summary type’, it is not divided into individual cells, but is listed in one cell separated by commas. For example, if you set the response data to the question ‘Choose all the fruits you like’ as ‘Expanded type’ or ‘Summary type’, it will be displayed in the table as shown below.
  • Statistics by question: Shows statistics in tabular form on how respondents answered each question. For open-ended questions, list all answers of the respondents to the question.
  • ‘File upload’ question attachments: You can download the attached files collected through the ‘File Upload’ question as a ZIP file. You can select the ‘folder structure’ method as a sub-option. If you select ‘Question number’ > ‘Respondent number’, there are folders by question numbers, and when you open a question folder, the folder is organized again by each respondent number. ‘Respondent number’ > ‘Question number’, on the contrary, there are folders by respondent number, and if you open a respondent folder, there are folders by question. You can also choose ‘Question number only’ and ‘Respondent number only’.
    The file name is displayed as it was uploaded by the respondent, and if there is the same file name in a folder, it is distinguished by parenthesis + number at the end of the file name.
    Only PRO grade owner and PRO grade collaborators can download attachments.

Split Compression

When downloading an attached file, if the data size exceeds 2GB, it cannot be made into a single ZIP file. In this case, be sure to download all the split files and decompress them by clicking on the file with the .zip extension. Decompression is performed only when all split files are downloaded, so be sure to download all split files and then decompress the .zip extension file.

Split compressed files may not be decompressed with Windows or Mac OS basic decompression function. Please note that you need to use an external decompression software to decompress it.