Download Data

You can download data by pressing [Download] button on the upper left of the results page.

Data download generates a file that you wish to download through configuration. File generation can take several minutes depending on content of survey and number of responses so please be patient. File generation can be performed up to 4 files simultaneously and files are stored for 14 days. Files are deleted after 14 days and they must be generated again.

Types of data you can download:

  • All data for all questions and responses
  • Data summary for response results by question

If you have filtered the results using the SmartFilter, you can select whether to download entire results or results with filter.

You can select how multiple selections for Multiple Choice questions are displayed when you download all data for all questions and responses. Extended type displays all choices of multiple selections within Multiple Choice questions by separate columns. Summary type displays all selected choices in a single cell.

All data can be downloaded in Excel or CSV files.