Functions Related to Form Management

You can manage each form through ‘My forms’.

  • Analyze: Move to results page.
  • Share: This provides several methods to share the form.
  • Edit: You can edit the content of form or configure response collection setting.
  • Preview: You can preview and test the form.
  • Manage: These are functions to manage the form.
    • Copy form: You can copy the form to create the same form.
    • Reward: You can manage reward features.
    • Stop pending: This only activates when the form is in [Pending] status and it cancels pending status and reverts back to [Editing] status.
    • Force to end: This only activates when survey is in [Collecting] status and it stops response collection and puts the survey in [Closed] status.
    • Delete form: This deletes the selected form. You can't recover after deleting.

Also, you can click the form title to get into form builder.