Collaborator's Roles

There are 2 roles collaborators can take.

  • Owner
  • Viewer


Owner is the user who owns the form who can edit, delete and has all the authority of the form. Distinctions of the owner are as follows; 

  • There can be only one owner per form.
  • Owner can edit and delete the form.
  • Owner can add or remove collaborators.
  • Owner can hand over the ownership to a collaborator. (See below for more details.)
  • When form is deleted, form is no longer collaborated and collaboraters can't see the form.
  • When the owner's account is deleted, collaborated form is deleted.


Viewer can only read the form. Distinctions of the viewer are as follows;

  • There can be multiple viewers per form.
  • Viewer can view form edits, how collect data setting is edited, data analysis, and download data analysis. 
  • Depending on the setting, you can view the private question answers.
  • Viewer can't edit or delete the form.
  • When you are added as a collaborator, the collaborated form will appear on 'My form' page.
  • You can leave the collaboration when you want.


Owner can hand over the ownership to a collaborator.

  • Ownership of a form that is currently in the 'Editing' or 'Closed' status can be transferred regardless of the collaborator's Moaform membership level.
  • If the status of the form is ‘Collecting’ or ‘Pending’, ownership cannot be transferred to a collaborator with a lower membership level than the level of the feature used in the form. For example, if a form contains the PLUS feature, you can transfer ownership to PLUS or PRO members, but not to BASIC members.
  • If you want to transfer ownership of a form with a higher-level feature to a lower-level member, close the form to make it 'closed', delete the higher-level feature used in the form, or upgrade membership of the user.