When integrated with Slack, attachments collected through the 'File Upload' question do not open in the Android Slack app.

When you integrate a form with Slack, you can receive specified response data in Slack.

If there is a 'File Upload' question type in the form and it is integrated with Slack, you can view the attachments collected as responses to this question in Slack. However, there have been instances where the Android Slack app may not download the attachment.

The issue occurs under the following two conditions simultaneously:

  1. The setting in the Android mobile Slack app is configured to open web pages in Slack's in-app browser.
  2. The Android mobile Slack app has already downloaded the attachment once.

If both conditions are met, the mobile screen will display 'Downloading...' but no action will occur. (Note that the download works the first time. It does not work when trying to download the same file again.)

Since this is an issue with the Android Slack app, we cannot resolve it, but we can suggest two workarounds:

The first is to directly open the storage folder on your phone and view the previously downloaded attachment again since the issue only occurs with files that have been downloaded once.

The second is to change the Android Slack settings. Open the Android Slack app and press the workspace icon at the top of the screen to bring up the left panel menu. In this menu, click the 'Preferences' button to go into settings, then turn off the 'Open web pages in app' setting. This issue only occurs in Slack's in-app browser. By turning off this setting, web pages will always open in your default web browser, including when downloading attachments, which will also open in your default browser and allow for successful downloads, even for files that have been downloaded before. This method is convenient because it only requires setting once.