How can I share response data with others?

There are two ways to share response data with others.

The first method is to use the 'Collaboration' feature. The 'Collaboration' feature allows you to designate collaborators for forms and share the content and result data of the forms. Users designated as observers are safe for security because they can view both the contents of the form and the result data only by logging in to Moaform. 

Second method, set the ‘Show results’ setting to ‘Always open’ or ‘Show when survey ends’ on the Share settings page of the form, and then inform the person who wants to share the Analyze page URL. Be sure to turn off the ‘Show result button to respondents’ option. When this option is turned on, all respondents can check the result data by clicking the ‘Results’ button after completing their responses. Turn this option off so only people who know the Analyze page URL can view the result data together.

The second method above is vulnerable to security because anyone who knows the URL can see it, so it is not recommended if there is sensitive data.